Calling all Trick or Treaters – here’s where to go…

To all Trick or Treaters, please respect the people you are visiting and the times some parents are home from work.

Consider being out and about from 6pm to 9pm to allow people to get home from work and not being a late night for the kids.

Picnic and Moro bars 90 Ahuroa Valley rd
Gibson 214 Ahuroa Valley Road
The Liddel Tirck or Treaters 1133 Ahuroa Road
Zombie Manor 268 Ahuroa Valley Rd
Lou and Mark Christian 1239 Ahuroa Road
Scrivin 1289 Ahuroa Road
Cooke Family 147 Komokoriki Hill Rd
Barrell 229 Wech Access

Happy Halloween and have fun!

Chris Phillips


Ed: For others who may have missed this list, can I suggest tying a ballon to your letter box if you’re welcoming people to your door tonight?

HALLOWEEN REGISTRATIONS – 31 October (final call)

Halloween is just a day away, so if you want treat those Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls, Zombies and maybe a Moana or two to some delicious goodies then don’t forget to register your house on the Ahuroa Halloween Registration form.

I’ll be closing this tomorrow morning at 10:30am and will be letting you all know which houses are taking part shortly afterwards through a final Grapevine post.


Chris Phillips


Dear Puhoi residents and friends of our community,

Our local Seedsavers group is bringing, predictably and welcomedly, seedlings, while Sue will be sizzling her popular vegetarian samosas, the Matakantata choir will be selling bulbs as a choir fundraiser, and Puhoi’s Bohemian folk dance group will be swinging its skirts (and hitching up its trousers) in a dance performance at around 11am.

Meanwhile, Pip will be selling her bacon butties and there will be other breakfast and snack opportunities – see the market’s facebook page,\puhoivillagemarket for pictures of other stallholders.

Market participators are encouraged to celebrate the new season and add colour to the market with a suitably-decorated hat, says new manager Dave Dodsworth, and please remind people on the way north to the Matakana Sunday market that Puhoi, with its own market, is a great stopping off place for riverside picknicking and food outlets such as the cheese cafe with its award-winning ice cream, Puhoi Cottage cafe with its garden setting, the Puhoi Store, which also sells food, and the Puhoi Hotel, with its Bistro.

On a more serious note, please look out, also, at the market for a Civil Defence and Neighbourhood Support stall with information and children’s workbooks on preparing ourselves and dealing with local civil emergencies and crisis management.With thanks to our Mahurangi -area CD and NS colleagues for helping us man the stall and answer your questions.

Now, I’m off to Warkworth to help the people there with their Kowhai Festival HUGE DAY OUT.

Please keep safe on the roads this weekend and pray for FINE WEATHER!

With affection, as always,Judith Williams

Register your house for Halloween Trick or Treating (v2)

Hi Everyone, last night’s email send out on this same topic contained some poorly formed links, if you had tried to click on them they might not have worked for you – Sorry.

Here’s an updated and (hopefully) working link:

Chris’ updated contact link (which was also affected) is: [email protected]



Repeat of last night’s full email (with the links fixed):

As parents we know how difficult to get around with the kids on Halloween evening and finding a house in the Ahuroa area that actually does participate in Halloween.

So to avoid any awkward moments when the kids asks “Trick or Treat” and there is nothing but a handful of onions or Brussel sprouts, I’ve set up a form so you can register your house as a participant.

Halloween Trick or Treat Register (Google form):

Just because its a form doesn’t mean you have to fill it out, it’s just making life easier for the parents being the taxi for the kids know which house to go to. If you don’t want to take part, just ignore this message and enjoy the evening anyway.

The list will be sent out on Sunday 29th October so register before then. If know one registers, then just head to Warkworth and raid those streets.

Happy Halloween!

If you have any questions, just let me know: [email protected]