Neighbourhood Support News Letter

Hi everyone, please see the following linked file for the latest NSNZ Newsletter for December, 2017.

— NSNZ Newsletter December 2017

Also, remember to ring 111 if suspicious activity is happening. – An Example: Footsteps on your deck at 2.30am in the morning.

Stay safe and have an excellent holiday period!

All the best, Chris (Ahuroa Grapevine) and Margaret Faed (RNSI, Coordinator).

Ahuroa Road – (and other potholed roads)

Merry Christmas,

As you all have seen yet again our roads are in a very poor state and need urgent attention. I am most concerned that there will be a serious incident in the near future as many drivers are using all the road to avoid potholes and corrugations. I ask that then when you have some time please log onto the AT website and submit a report.

Thank you, have a merry and safe Christmas.

Mike Conner

Speed limit at Puhoi Road intersection and SH16 Kaukapakapa

NZTA has advised that the proposed 80km/h at the Puhoi/State Highway 1 intersection will be put into effect, on 20th December, together with the new 80km/h zones at each end of Kaukapakapa on SH 16.

Source: This news came via Judith Williams, Beth Houlbrooke (Rodney Local Board), Ellen Barrett |Elected Member Liaison Unit, Auckland Transport General