Ahuroa Hall Quiz Night – 26th June

Hi Everyone

Ahuroa Hall is running a quiz night on 26th June – its a really fun night run by Quiz Master David Bullock, who creates lots of fun, interesting and challenging questions across all types of topics to tickle your brain!

So book in the babysitter (if needed), get your team together (of 5-7 people) and let us know you are keen by emailing Jo Bullock on [email protected] or on messenger. Quiz starts at 7:30pm.

Everyone is welcome….The more the merrier!

From the Ahuroa Hall Committee

Unexpected visitors at Parker Road

The attached image is from our camera, not a great quality but at least something. Our house is on Parker road.


We had our gate open last Thursday and this 4wd drove to the end of the property to the small cottage and reversed and drove away, even there were plenty of space to reverse near the entrance, no need to drive to the cottage.

Next day we noticed missing copper pips with the tap. We are not sure if the passenger of the car took it, but just a warning to others. It can be a genuine mistake and people accidentally turned to our property.

Irina Dubey

Ahuroa – Komokoriki cemetry

Recently we approached the Auckland Council to request approval to enhance the Ahuroa Cemetry (opposite Martin’s Acess) with trees and shrubs. The outcome of this enquiry was to be informed this is now a closed Cemetry.

The council continue to mow the Cemetry but it is no longer possible for new burials.

We are now enquiring what needs to be done to change this decision.

Our interest is due to some of our family already being buried there and our desire to have other family members being buried with them in the future.

Also, because as more families settle in Ahuroa we believe there ought to be a right to be buried within our own community should one chose to do so.

We are interested in knowing if anyone knew this was happening, and if our current community would support the reopening of the Cemetry – especially if it became a more appealing site.

Please email [email protected] with your opinions.

Looking forward to your responses
Oriel Heseltine.