Recently we approached the Auckland Council to request approval to enhance the Ahuroa Cemetry (opposite Martin’s Acess) with trees and shrubs. The outcome of this enquiry was to be informed this is now a closed Cemetry.

The council continue to mow the Cemetry but it is no longer possible for new burials.

We are now enquiring what needs to be done to change this decision.

Our interest is due to some of our family already being buried there and our desire to have other family members being buried with them in the future.

Also, because as more families settle in Ahuroa we believe there ought to be a right to be buried within our own community should one chose to do so.

We are interested in knowing if anyone knew this was happening, and if our current community would support the reopening of the Cemetry – especially if it became a more appealing site.

Please email [email protected] with your opinions.

Looking forward to your responses
Oriel Heseltine.