Requesting a post

Anyone who is an *established* Grapevine subscriber can have items sent out on the Grapevine.  These include news, community events, things for sale or wanted, job listings, and so on.

Any business that is both based in the Ahuroa area and that offers a service to Ahuroa residents can advertise on the Grapevine too. These services must be interesting, relevant and desired by our readership or we risk them seeing these advertising posts as ‘spam’. – We try to limit items from any single business to less than once a month so as not to “spam” our subscribers. All of this is at the discretion of the Admin team, where there’s any doubt we discuss these things between two of us and make a call on whether to send something or not.

We pride ourselves on providing interesting, relevant and informative content to our subscribers, we have an ‘open rate’ at industry leading levels for this type of site and we make effort to keep the content locally focussed and relevant.

If you want to request a post send your article, or item by email to [email protected]

The service is free. All we ask is that you make this easy for us; help us to help you…

Please ensure that your requested post includes:

  • A usable subject, as you want it to appear to the readers.
  • Your own contact details as part of the post including your email address – if you don’t type in your contact details so that they include your email address, we may add it in for you without (further) asking.
  • Plain text content which can be simply copied from the email and pasted into the grapevine without needing any alteration (send us your final post)
  • No complex attachments. No PDFs, Spreadsheets, Powerpoints, etc. Images/photos are ok, but that’s about all.

Please note that we do NOT spell check or edit your posts for grammar, formatting, etc. If you provide us with poorly written content that’s what we’ll send out (and this might reflect poorly on you), so please consider the readers and proof read your submissions. – We’d like to take pride in your posts for you, but we feel this ought to be your job to do. 🙂

It’s critical that you include your contact details; please ensure you sign your emails with your full name and how you would like subscribers to contact you. We don’t have the time to pass on responses; subscribers must to be able to contact you directly, email is always a preferred option for our readers, we will always try to include your email address in posts unless specifically requested.

If you have any questions please send them to [email protected]