About The Grapevine

The Ahuroa Electronic Grapevine is an email system that sends the most important messages from this web site to your email inbox.  Items from the “News” and “Marketplace” sections are converted to email messages and sent out to everyone who is a Grapevine subscriber.

We try to keep the number of emails sent fairly low.  Sometimes there’ll be no messages for a week or so and sometimes there might be 2-3 messages in a very busy day.  Where possible we try to merge multiple items into a single email.

We use “MailChimp” to manage the email function.  There are a few reasons for choosing MailChimp, one of the most important being the industry-strength security they use to protect your details, and their strong stance on issues like being able to opt out easily and preventing email spam.

You can sign up to receive emails by clicking the “Sign up…” option in the “Grapevine” menu.  You will be directed to MailChimp where you can enter your name and email address and you’ll start getting messages when new items appear on the site.

If you choose to stop receiving emails you can opt out of the mailing list by visiting the MailChimp site again, and every email message we send also includes links for you to manage your information and opt out of the mailing list.

Be assured we value privacy and security and we will never ever give your details to anyone that doesn’t have a court order.