Electrical Work?


I saw awhile ago some call out for an Electrician?

I’m an Electrician living in the area; just up from the Fire station, if there is some extra work available around the area I would be interested depending on what it is?

I would prefer farm type, light commercial work especially, if people are wanting some if this type of work carried out?

Tim Chapman.
Phone: 027-2771210

Need a plumber in Ahuroa?

Evan our registered Plumber lives in your neighbourhood, you have probably seen him driving the Aqua Filter van around Puhoi.

Evan can help with plumbing repairs and maintenance, dripping taps, hot water cylinders, toilets, water pumps and Water filtration.

We also specialise in rain harvesting “set ups” and fixing issues with dirty water getting into your water tank. We install Pre Tank Filters that actually work.

So if you need a plumber who is local and doesn’t need to drive far to get to you, PM me or call/txt 0274787427 094223245 or [email protected] or [email protected]

Still working on the miracle of turning water into wine, but we all need to work on something right?

Cheers Steve

Stratanet’s old vs new pricing plans – July 2017

There appears to be a bit of confusion out there about how Stratanet’s pricing plans are being changed for the new release of July’s higher network speeds. Here it all is, laid out in a table for you all to plainly see:

Old Plan Old Data Old Speed Old Monthly   New Plan New Data New Speed New Monthly
Rural Micro 10GB 1.5Mb/s $46
Rural Micro + 5GB 6Mb/s $69
Rural Micro Max 10GB 6Mb/s $74.75   Turbo 10 10GB 6Mb/s $50
Nitro 10 10GB 10Mb/s $70
Rural Mini 30GB 3Mb/s $80.5
Rural Mini + 30GB 6Mb/s $90.85   Turbo 30 30GB 6Mb/s $70
Nitro 30 30GB 10Mb/s $80
Ultra 30 30GB 30Mb/s $90
Rural Turbo 40GB 6Mb/s $103.5
Rural Turbo + 50GB 6Mb/s $113.85
Nitro 50 50GB 10Mb/s $90
Ultra 50 50GB 30Mb/s $100
Rural Turbo Max 60GB 6Mb/s $138
Nitro 100 100GB 10Mb/s $110
Ultra 100 100GB 30Mb/s $120
Rural Turbo Unlimited Unlimited GB 6Mb/s $172.5
Nitro Max Unlimited GB 10Mb/s $150
Ultra Max Unlimited GB 30Mb/s $200

The plans shown in italics are the like for like replacements – which as you can see, all drop directly in cost.

Other options within those bands are for higher speeds with the same data allowance, and all come *within* the previous costings.

Every single plan which is being offered is *better value* than their older plan options. You get more data, and/or more speed for less money.