There appears to be a bit of confusion out there about how Stratanet’s pricing plans are being changed for the new release of July’s higher network speeds. Here it all is, laid out in a table for you all to plainly see:

Old Plan Old Data Old Speed Old Monthly   New Plan New Data New Speed New Monthly
Rural Micro 10GB 1.5Mb/s $46
Rural Micro + 5GB 6Mb/s $69
Rural Micro Max 10GB 6Mb/s $74.75   Turbo 10 10GB 6Mb/s $50
Nitro 10 10GB 10Mb/s $70
Rural Mini 30GB 3Mb/s $80.5
Rural Mini + 30GB 6Mb/s $90.85   Turbo 30 30GB 6Mb/s $70
Nitro 30 30GB 10Mb/s $80
Ultra 30 30GB 30Mb/s $90
Rural Turbo 40GB 6Mb/s $103.5
Rural Turbo + 50GB 6Mb/s $113.85
Nitro 50 50GB 10Mb/s $90
Ultra 50 50GB 30Mb/s $100
Rural Turbo Max 60GB 6Mb/s $138
Nitro 100 100GB 10Mb/s $110
Ultra 100 100GB 30Mb/s $120
Rural Turbo Unlimited Unlimited GB 6Mb/s $172.5
Nitro Max Unlimited GB 10Mb/s $150
Ultra Max Unlimited GB 30Mb/s $200

The plans shown in italics are the like for like replacements – which as you can see, all drop directly in cost.

Other options within those bands are for higher speeds with the same data allowance, and all come *within* the previous costings.

Every single plan which is being offered is *better value* than their older plan options. You get more data, and/or more speed for less money.