Cat Found – Martin Access Rd

Some weeks ago a grey cat turned up at Colin’s house at the top of Martin Access Road and made itself at home!  If this is your cat, or you know who’s cat it is, please call Colin on 021  112 4384.  Colin has taken quite a shine to it, and the cat to him, so if the cat’s owner cannot be found he is quite happy to adopt it.

Found – Goat

Hi Chris,

As per our phone conversation, Mark has found a stray goat running loose on his land in Hawkens Road, hes friendly and approachable but Mark is worried about him getting into the orchard.

Is it possible to please post this photo of the goat and Marks phone number 0211914504…

If you cant reach Mark my contact details are below…



m: 0210652576
p:  09 424 011

Update on the cow found near Martin Access Rd


Last night a cow was found wandering on West Coast Rd, near Martin Access Rd. For safety it was moved into the yards near the junction. The owner has yet to be found.

The details on the ear tags:

Yellow tag number: #760
Left ear has a tear.

Here are some photos of the lovely girl…

If you think you might know who she belongs to, can you please help by making contact with them and asking if it’s theirs? It is not one of the Brady’s, or Nader’s.

Please collect if yours as we have a bull in our paddock and it looks like the heifer is in heat. Might create some problems with the bull.

Barry – 4225102