Part-time horse rider wanted for cool horse

I have an 8 year old pinto 15.3 horse (Jack) that I recently bought. Real cool dude, but haven’t the time to ride him as much as he needs. Def do not want to sell him. Goes really well (forward moving) and responsive. Approved rider to ride Jack (especially when day light savings ends) and I don’t get home till dark. If you are interested and have got soft hands (a bit of experience), give Karen a call on 09 9120553 or 0211525896. Live in Martin Access Road, Ahuroa.

Ahuroa Hall & School Fundraising Trek! February 23rd and 24th

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The Ahuroa Community Hall and School are planning to run another horse trek over the fabulous Ahuroa Hills on February 23rd and 24th 2019.

We will trek over a number of beautiful Ahuroa farms with hills and bush and magnificent views that go for miles. We provide portable toilets, parking, overnight camping and horse grazing. Whole weekend or one day options available. It’s a wonderful way to get out and see our beautiful country, meet new people or reconnect with friends. We will meet at 9am for registration checks on both days and ride off afterwards.

On Saturday we provide a delicious catered lunch, plus a BBQ and spit for Dinner. On Sunday we provide a wonderful cooked breakfast and a lunch. All this provided by the wonderful families of Ahuroa.

All this for the reasonable price of $200 for the weekend ($120 for Saturday only/$80 for Sunday only). Kids under 16 years $100 for both days ($60 for saturday only/$40 Sunday only) and must be accompanied by an adult paying rider.

This was a great success last year for fundraising, for the riders and for those running the trek. So come and join in the fun, either as a rider or helping to organise it – the more we have to help the merrier!

For registrations or questions please email Joanna Bullock on [email protected] or call 021 116 7251. Christine Bullock is also available for questions on 027 514 9696 or 09 422 5598. Feel free to pass on the advert to riders outside of Ahuroa.

From the Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee and School

Riding group rally this week

Hi Everyone

We’re planning to run another rally for our Riding Group this Wednesday 29th March at the usual time of 4:30-6:30pm.

It will be at the Bullocks farm at 247 Wech Access. Please let us know if you want to come and need to hire a horse or pony – contact Christine Bullock 094225598 or Jo Bullock 099733687.

If you are riding you need a riding helmet (we have a few spares) suitable pants and boots with a heel.

The rally costs​ $5 and horse or pony hire costs $10 on top.

Hope to see you there

Ahuroa Riding Group

Horse riding through Glen Ashton’s farm

Hi all horse riders

The weather has finally got better and the ground is much drier. You can now ride through the farm for your leisure … remember this land is a privately owned and my livelihood so here are the rules:

  • Do not ride onto Erik’s place (previously Greeves farm)
  • Stay on the tracks do not ride in the paddocks
  • Do not gallop as it rips up the grass
  • Leave open gates open, Re-shut gates that are closed
  • Make sure the gates are latched properly and the latch ring clipped over the staple
  • I have tightened most gates and you will probably need to dismount to open, most gates need to be lifted slightly to open the latch
  • Be careful on the grass verges there are posts in the grass
  • Do not bring vehicles or horse floats onto my property
  • Dogs are best left home unless they are very well controlled
  • Be careful it is remote and if you fall off and get hurt you may not be found for a while
  • Take a cellphone there is reception

Most of the above is common sense and most of you are very experienced riders but there has been a couple of accidents in the past.

I know most riders, if you are new to the area then introduce yourself to me.

Glen – [email protected]

Horses riding on land without permission.

We have recently noticed horse and dog tracks on our land . No-one has asked permission from us recently to enter our property.

Access would have been from the paper road track (Barker Road) opposite Tolhopf Road. The fence is broken there but there is a gate.

We are asking people to please seek the landowners permission at all times if you wish to enter private property. It is dangerous especially with our current pest control activities as well as discourteous and is essentially trespassing.

I am sure our sentiments are echoed by other landowners in the area.

Many thanks Jacques and Toni Uys – [email protected]