Hi all horse riders

The weather has finally got better and the ground is much drier. You can now ride through the farm for your leisure … remember this land is a privately owned and my livelihood so here are the rules:

  • Do not ride onto Erik’s place (previously Greeves farm)
  • Stay on the tracks do not ride in the paddocks
  • Do not gallop as it rips up the grass
  • Leave open gates open, Re-shut gates that are closed
  • Make sure the gates are latched properly and the latch ring clipped over the staple
  • I have tightened most gates and you will probably need to dismount to open, most gates need to be lifted slightly to open the latch
  • Be careful on the grass verges there are posts in the grass
  • Do not bring vehicles or horse floats onto my property
  • Dogs are best left home unless they are very well controlled
  • Be careful it is remote and if you fall off and get hurt you may not be found for a while
  • Take a cellphone there is reception

Most of the above is common sense and most of you are very experienced riders but there has been a couple of accidents in the past.

I know most riders, if you are new to the area then introduce yourself to me.

Glen – [email protected]