Sealing Ahuroa Road – Update from Glen Ashton

Hi all,

AT have confirmed the following timetable for sealing Ahuroa Road:

  • Presently under preliminary investigation.
  • March 2019 – Design phase
  • November 2019 to 2021 Construction phase
    Length 8.5 Km (i.e. fully sealed).

Expectation that at $5 million per annum there will be enough budget.

I am still communicating with the powers to be on why they are not allocating more of our money on road sealing. Shane Ellison the CEO of AT has admitted that is has been diverted into higher priority projects like the City Rail Link. AT reduced what seemed like a $12.1 million allocation (the Mayor announced $121 million over 10 years) to $4.7 million this year and $5 million next year. It appears that AT are “uncontrolled” and are to blame for the lack of road sealing progress. Either the Mayor and Auckland Council have lost control of AT or they are both in cohorts misleading the Rodney Rural public.

Unfortunately, unless we do something about it, our side roads will not be sealed within our lifetime, but downtown Auckland will be fabulous! Think about it every time you fill up with gas with the RFT or paying the new Local Target Transport Rate. Us rural people are being screwed by Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

I will give a more informed update shortly.

p.s. Only 8.7 Km of new seal since 9 years in Super City.

Ahuroa Hall Pot Luck Dinner and Fireworks Night

Hi Everyone!

Next weekend – Saturday 3rd November we are holding a Community Pot Luck dinner and Fireworks Night at the Ahuroa Hall.

Everyone is invited, so come along and meet some new people or catch up with friends. This was really successful the last time we ran it.

Dinner and Fireworks Night: Saturday November 3rd 2018 – Ahuroa Hall (1345 Ahuroa Rd (next to the school))
•Doors open from 5pm
•Bring a Plate to share for dinner and/or dessert
•Bring your own plates and cutlery to use
•Fireworks display will start when dark
•We will provide some fireworks and fun for kids (you can bring your own fireworks too)

See you all there
From the Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee

Two Lost Dogs Still Missing

Hey everyone. Please could you keep a lookout for our very loved boys Zeusy and Hades? They ran away on Sunday morning into Makarau Forest and we haven’t seen them since. They were seen on Burnside road on Sunday evening and we feel that they could be anywhere by now.

They’re friendly but can be boisterous at times.
They’re microchipped, desexed, I have called the council who has issued a notice to all the animal shelters, I have called vets and im being an absolute pain on social media.

Anyone who knows where they are or anyone who sees them please could you lock them away and call either Andrew 02102225763 or myself on 021558103 we will come immediately.
(Dead or Alive) we need to find our boys. 😔