Words of support needed for Pavel, Ivan and Ilaria

Dear All,

I believe many of you heard about the terrible accident at Woodcocks road on Wednesday evening August 30th.
Pavel Kravtsov and his children Ivan and Ilaria were delivered to Auckland hospital in a critical condition.

After the initial danger behind, they are starting to recover. This is a slow and painful process.
While they are receiving all possible support from the family, friends and hospital staff,
it would be of tremendous help if those who know the family could leave a few notes of encouragement with a personal touch.

Reading these warm comments will give strength to Pavel, Ivan and Ilaria and speed up their physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Please send your thoughts and wishes to Vasily Kravtsov (Pavel’s brother’s) email:
[email protected]

Thank you,
Dmitri and Lena Roukine