Ahuroa Hall Pot Luck Dinner and Fireworks Night

Hi Everyone!

Next weekend – Saturday 3rd November we are holding a Community Pot Luck dinner and Fireworks Night at the Ahuroa Hall.

Everyone is invited, so come along and meet some new people or catch up with friends. This was really successful the last time we ran it.

Dinner and Fireworks Night: Saturday November 3rd 2018 – Ahuroa Hall (1345 Ahuroa Rd (next to the school))
•Doors open from 5pm
•Bring a Plate to share for dinner and/or dessert
•Bring your own plates and cutlery to use
•Fireworks display will start when dark
•We will provide some fireworks and fun for kids (you can bring your own fireworks too)

See you all there
From the Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee

Two Lost Dogs Still Missing

Hey everyone. Please could you keep a lookout for our very loved boys Zeusy and Hades? They ran away on Sunday morning into Makarau Forest and we haven’t seen them since. They were seen on Burnside road on Sunday evening and we feel that they could be anywhere by now.

They’re friendly but can be boisterous at times.
They’re microchipped, desexed, I have called the council who has issued a notice to all the animal shelters, I have called vets and im being an absolute pain on social media.

Anyone who knows where they are or anyone who sees them please could you lock them away and call either Andrew 02102225763 or myself on 021558103 we will come immediately.
(Dead or Alive) we need to find our boys. 😔

Missing Dogs

Hey Everyone, this morning I woke up to the sound of our dog Zeus (beige pup) running over our hidden fence line. I ran after him but he seemed to be running after his brother Hades( brindle boy) who had already gotten through the fence and into the Makarau Forest.
My boys, husband and I have been out looking for them since 6am.
They’re friendly but can be a little boisterous. Zeusy has recently hurt himself so has a bandaged foot. (Hence the socks so he doesn’t gnaw)

If you see them or know where they are please could you contact me soonest?

Andrew: 021 0222 5763
Carey: 021 558 103

Missing Calf

MISSING – from a roadside paddock 4-5kms from the western end of West Coast Road (between Komokoriki Road and Martin Access)

A white faced Hereford heifer approx 4-5 months old.
Ruby is a loved pet and we would very much like her back.

If anyone saw anything suspicious on Saturday night (13th October) or knows where this girl is can they please contact Jared on 0278700585

Ahuroa School Planting Day – this Friday

Looking for some free family fun to end the holidays?

Join us on Friday at 10am to dress our Outdoor Classroom with its plants.

Looking at the weather forecast the following items would be good to bring along.

1. Gumboots

2. Warm jumper

3. Raincoat/ all weather jacket.

4. Spade

5. Rake

6. Bucket.

Bring along a plate to share for morning tea, and we will provide pizza for lunch.

Can’t dig? We will need a couple of hands in the kitchen please.

We are planting on Friday, even if it rains!

Lost wetsuit

Travelling back from a short stay from Mahurangi Beach back to Red Beach yesterday, my friend lost her daughter’s new wetsuit. It had accidently been left on the back of her campervn and flew off anywhere from Mahurangi East to Matakana, If anyone has picked it up, please can they email me. Her daughter , Hope will be very happy as she needs it fro Surf camp.

Please contact Natasha Duffett tel number : 021 217 7904 or email penfold3011@hotmail.com

Ahuroa – Road sealing budget update – Important news.

An update from Glen Ashton:

I was very confused over the recent Auckland Council (AC) and Rodney Local Board (RLB) announcements with regards sealing our metal roads and have spent the last month investigating and emailing the powers to be.

  1. Araparera Forestry Trust fund – For those new, this is an old northern Rodney target rate that was paid into a pine forest venture with the idea that profits would be spent on sealing the roads. After much investigation by Greg Sayers and Colin Smith they have found $2.8 million that is available and the RLB have selected some minor roads from the priority list to be sealed.
  2. Local Transport Target Rate – This is the $150.00 on your rates. When consulted with the public this included $13.5 million to be spent on road sealing over ten years. At the last minute the Local Board altered the funding statement and excluded road sealing and essentially only benefitting the urban town centres with bus services, footpaths and park n rides. The rural community were ignored. This was passed by vote 6 to 3. Our local members Beth Houlbrooke and Tessa Berger voted yes.
  3. Regional Fuel Tax – This is the extra 11.5 cents per litre for gas. The Mayor Phil Goff made the announcement that $121 million would be spent on road sealing over the next decade. That was made up of $36 million from General rates and $85 million from the RFT. However, it is Auckland Transport (AT) that budget the year on year allocation and have allocated only $3.1m + $1.6m = $4.7m for 2018/19 and only slightly more for 2019/20. The bulk of the amount is “promised” in the later 4 years. Apparently, there are “other” higher priority projects in the Super City.

Rural Rodney has been badly treated. Greg Sayers has been very active on our behalf as have Local Board members Colin Smith, Alison Roe and Brenda Steele. The rest of the Local Board are working against us.

As for Ahuroa Road sealing; it is 2nd on the priority list and is being designed for full length sealing. Unfortunately, there will not be enough funds for at least two years to begin the project. As for the other Ahuroa roads it will be more than a lifetime wait?

Since we have been in the Super City (9 years), AC / AT have only sealed 9 kilometres. Other Rodney rural communities are also upset, and I expect a collective reaction against AC / AT is eminent.

This is an abridged version of conversations and emails, contact me if you want to know more.