Free old carpet and underlay

Hello Ahuroa,

We are replacing the carpet in our house.
Therefore we have started ripping off the old one which is ~12 years old, as far as I understand it is SDN on a natural base, greyish color, please see the photo. We gave it a Rugdoctor clean ~3 months ago. There obviously is some damage, by children and puppies, but otherwise it is not falling apart and I think it might be suitable for a garage or workshop or something like that.

If someone is interested, this is all yours for free, please let me know, we may think of delivering it if it is not too far. We will hold on to it for a few days then will dispose of it.

Call Pavel on 0221925730

StrataNet Unplanned Outage – Kaipara – 21-Jul-2022

This email from Stratanet this morning (how disappointing for our community and their users that someone would do this!):

Dear Customers,

This is in regards to the unexpected outage we had at our Kaipara tower which would have affected our Kaipara, glorit and South Head customers. There was an act of vandalism at our tower last night around 9:30 PM where some one had tried to cut the cables by ripping them out. There were also signs of other break-in in the hopes of finding some other goods to steal.

This outage was resolved at around 12 AM. We’ve put some temporary solutions in place to get the site online. The site is currently running off a secondary backhaul which could mean slightly slower speeds on your connection at times. However, this backhaul will keep the site running while we access and fix the damage as soon as possible.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience. And will keep you updated once the tower is back running on full capacity.

The StrataNet Team


JP services available on request in Ahuroa

Adrian Blaser and family moved to the area in February and is happy to offer his JP services to anyone in the area who needs them. JPs can certify copies, sign statutory declarations or affidavits and witness your signature for a range of documents.

Contact Adrian on 021 232 7998 or email to make an appointment.
Adrian works in town 4 days a week so night time or weekends can be arranged depending on his availability.

Damage to roadside fence – Wech Access Rd

On Friday 27th May my roadside fence on Wech Access was driven into and damaged. Three fence posts were broken and multiple wires ripped off.

A car part was left at the scene which is identified as being from a Mazda Atenza. The part is from the passenger side and is grey so likely to be from a silver sedan.

I am happy to return this part to the owner and discuss compensation for the cost of repairing the fence.

My email is

Ahuroa Hall Quiz Night 2022

Hi Everyone!

Our annual Ahuroa Hall Quiz Night is coming up again on Saturday 25th June. Start time approx 8pm.

It’s a great night where our fantastic quiz master, David Bullock, tests us to see which team is the smartest and gets to take home the Ahuroa Hall Quiz Night trophy!

So get a team of 5- 8 mates together, RSVP to Jo Bullock on messenger or email at and come have a great night out.

From the Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee