Bulls for sale in Ahuroa

We have 3 x 32-month purebred Lowline service bulls for sale. All very quiet, approximately 500kg, suitable for use over any breed of beef or dairy heifers or cows. Pure Angus genetics, short gestation and low birthweight are breed characteristics. Calves are well worth rearing. Inspection welcomed. BVD tested and vaccinated.

$1500 + gst. each.

David Clee
0274772943 – [email protected]

Update on Komokoriki (Ahuroa) Cemetery

Thank you to those who responded to my initial posting re the Cemetery

Auckland Council have informed us that the cemetery was closed in 2008 because of a lack of trustees. We know that there have been at least 2 burials since that date, which makes it unclear what closed means.

The Council have been asked what would be involved to get the cemetery open again. We are awaiting a response.

In the meantime:
– Sarah Bowden (Furniss), Kathryn Parker and myself have agreed to be trustees. Anyone else interested in joining us is most welcome.
– We have created a draft planting plan which will shelter the cemetery to the west and other plantings around edges to enhance the area. We are planning to get this planting done this winter.
– Malcolm Bartlett has agreed to continue mowing the cemetery at this time.
– We would also like to investigate the difference between this being a council cemetery and a community cemetery, as prior to 2008 the cemetery was maintained by locals not by the council. This has continued since 2008.

Oriel Heseltine
[email protected]