Neighbourhood Support

The Ahuroa Grapevine acts, formally as a channel for Neighbourhood Support notices to be shared with our local community members. Our membership counts are provided back into the Rodney Neighbourhood Support programme through our regional coordinator.

We regularly receive from, and share information with the Rodney NS group, and encourage our members to also join up directly with the RNS group through tools such as their facebook page – We have Rural Neighbourhood Support Signs which our members can request directly from us, for them to erect in the local area.

We have been looking for some time for someone to become a more dedicated local NS coordinator, until we find that person Chris has been performing those duties as best as he can with somewhat limited time. If you are interested in taking on that role, then please contact him through the Grapevine email address.

From time to time, we might send out sensitive NS notices by email only, and chose not to circulate them through our website, facebook or twitter feeds. So if you are keen on receiving all of the NS notices, then it’s a good idea for you to make sure you subscribe to the Grapevine by email – which you can do here:

Thanks for your support and your involvement in our Neighbourhood Support programme, the connectedness of neighbours is critical at certain key times, it’s always worth getting to know your neighbours, sharing your own contact details etc with them and staying in touch over matters of local concern.