To all Trick or Treaters, please respect the people you are visiting and the times some parents are home from work.

Consider being out and about from 6pm to 9pm to allow people to get home from work and not being a late night for the kids.

Picnic and Moro bars 90 Ahuroa Valley rd
Gibson 214 Ahuroa Valley Road
The Liddel Tirck or Treaters 1133 Ahuroa Road
Zombie Manor 268 Ahuroa Valley Rd
Lou and Mark Christian 1239 Ahuroa Road
Scrivin 1289 Ahuroa Road
Cooke Family 147 Komokoriki Hill Rd
Barrell 229 Wech Access

Happy Halloween and have fun!

Chris Phillips


Ed: For others who may have missed this list, can I suggest tying a ballon to your letter box if you’re welcoming people to your door tonight?