Ducks and chooks need a new home…


Due to moving (and the new owners not wanting them) i need to re-home my chooks, rooster, Indian runner ducks and 2 Muscovy ducks. If anyone could please give any of my birds a home then i would be very grateful.

I appreciate that the ducks may ‘come home’ but i have to try!!

The chooks are a variety of ages and mix – we inherited some when we bought our house and they have since bred more. the rooster is 2 and 3rd generation of the original we inherited. He is not aggressive towards people, both my boys are able to pick him up.

The Indian runners are very friendly, you are able to hand feed them, great personalities and don’t cause much trouble. The photo is only of 2 of them but there are 5, 1 brown, 3 white and one mixed. 2 boys and 3 girls.

The 2 Muscovy ducks are mother and daughter (mother is black) again they are very friendly if a little reserved.

My email address is and my phone number is 09 4225222.

If you know of anyone that may be able to give them a home then please don’t hesitate to call me.

Thank you, Lee.

Update – Cattle poaching efforts… Wech Access / Burnside Rd

The following two emails are from official channels – Neighbourhood Support Coordinator (Rodney) and Helensville Police, in relation to the reported attempts at cattle poaching yesterday…

If anyone has further information about what has already happened please contact Mandi directly, if you see anything new happening, then please call 111.

From: Rodney Ns Co-ordinator <>
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 12:19PM

Firearms were involved so please advise residents to be alert and careful.

Please take care and ring 111 if people are seen or any actual illegal happening activity is in progress,

Margaret Faed – RNSI

From: BELL, Mandi <>
Sent: Thursday, 26 January 2017 11:00 a.m.

Hi Margaret,

Have had a few incidents of attempted cattle rustling in Burnside / Wech Access Makarau.  Early hours of Wednesday morning.

Where a light coloured sedan – Nissan Fair Lady is involved and possibly a bright blue late model coloured Ford.

Can you please pass on to all your rural contacts in the area.

I will get together details to pass onto you also so you can touch base.



Mandi Bell
Community Constable | Helensville | New Zealand Police
P   +64 9 4209736   Extn: 96576   |   M   +64 211912682    |   E
Helensville Station, 8 Rimu Street, PO Box 14, Helensville,

Safer Communities Together

If anyone has further information about what has already happened please contact Mandi directly, if you see anything new happening, then please call 111.

Be cautious as these people have been seen to be carrying firearms, it’s assumed for illegal purposes.

!! Warning: Cattle almost shot on Wech Access Rd !!

Hi everyone

This is an email to alert you all to be vigilant as early this morning a man was seen about to shoot a cow in a paddock on Wech Access.

He was startled as he was lining up to take the shot so he fled with his partner in a light coloured hatchback car.

This happened around 3:30am. Please take care and alert the police or your neighbors of any dodgy activity. Try and get a number plate if possible.

Jo Bullock

Wanted: Car

Hi everyone, looking for a sedan or station wagon in good condition, year 2000 +, preferably between 1.5 – 2 L engine and under 150,000 ks.

Contact Jorge on 021 216 5303, 422 5097 or

Fund-raiser: ‘Saddle Sore 1600’ – For Aran Animal Rescue

Hi Everyone,

Donate via Givealittle

Chris, your Grapevine Administrator here… Happy New Year everyone!

I’m going to attempt a ‘Saddle Sore 1600’ – a long distance motorcycle ride, of a minimum of 1600km, all within 24 hours. – It’s not a race. Here’s a link to some more information on this type of endurance ride: – This type of event is recognised internationally as a long distance endurance motorcycle ride, with certification provided through the ‘Iron Butt Association’. Participants need to follow certain rules to achieve their award.

It’s a test of mental and physical endurance. I’m aiming to ride in Mid-Late Feb, 2017, during a weekday, the date will be weather dependant. I’m aiming to raise $1 per km of riding for Aran Animal Rescue, hoping to raise a total of $1600 for their very worthwhile efforts. Aran are online here: and here:

I’m fund raising through the NZ website: – if you have an interest in this, and would like to make a donation, please head over there and sponsor me for this marathon ride. – You’ll receive updates from me through this as a sponsor (useful if you’re not on Facebook).

My ride: is currently planed as: Distance: 1,657.8km Est overall riding time: 22:13:56 – Route details:

I also have a Facebook, Event Page where further updates and live event information will be distributed through: – feel free to ‘log an interest’ on the event page which will then keep you informed of further updates. – I’ll be live streaming some of the more scenic sections of the ride (assuming we have cellphone reception in those areas), I’ll also be uploading some commentary videos from time to time, and our current location should be shared as we ride round… – Quite a lot of detailed planning still to do. – And, I’ve got to ride it too! 🙂

Please consider jumping on board and wishing me luck for this in the best way possible, help me to hit my fundraising target…

Thanks for your interest. Regards,