Hamburger and Movie night at the Ahuroa Hall

Hi Everyone

A reminder of the Hamburger and Movie night at the Ahuroa Hall this Saturday 28th September!

The movie will be the kiwi classic – Footrot Flats!

Bring $5 for each person to get a hamburger and some popcorn.
We will be open from about 5:30 for dinner and the movie will be on at about 7pm approximately.
Bring bean bags or cushions to watch the movie too!

We really need people to RSVP ASAP so we can cater for everyone. Please RSVP by Wednesday to Jo Bullock on or on messenger or 0211167251.

Cheers and hope to see you all on Saturday!

Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee

Gathering interest for a food co-op

Hi all Ahuroa households,

Reaching out to purchasers of organic products – 

I have bought through a household co-op before (where we ordered from Ceres once a month) and it is becoming more popular in NZ for better pricing on bulk orders.

If there is already one going on in the village I would love to hear from you – if not, and you are interested, drop me a line to see if it’s worth getting on and organising.

Ami Beadsmoore

Plumber wanted

Good afternoon could I please put a ad on the grapevine, I am looking for a plumber to do a plumbing  check for a coa report I live on martin access road and my number is 02102556971

Matthew Bowyer

Missing cats – nr. Ahuroa firestation.

Hi all!

Two of our cats have gone missing. It’s been a few days and we really getting worried. These two male cats are best buddies and friendly as well, even though the one is a bit more shy. They are new to our family and house and we really want them back!
We live around the Ahuroa Fire Station area, both cats are desexed and chipped, so you can take them to a vet and get them scanned. But if you just see them or have any news, please let me know! We miss them heaps!!!
Attached are two photos. Indie and Moseley aka Muesli. Muesli is blind in the one eye, but brave. Indie is the shy one.
Thanks all!

Roaming dog? Killed sheep

We have had many sheep killed think dog attack last two nights. Please warn others to check stick and notice any loose dogs or strange vehicles   ? Very distressing  . Along ahuroa road and clifford road  Will need to put  down many tomorrow.

Nancy Malloy


Change of date: Hamburger & Movie Night – Ahuroa Hall ***SATURDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER***

Hi Everyone

The Ahuroa Hall committee have had to change the date of the upcoming Hamburger and Movie Night at the Ahuroa Hall to ***SATURDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER***

Its going to be a great night, bring yourself and/or the kids for a hamburger and some popcorn (for $5) and you can have the night off cooking!

We’ll provide a fun family movie for everyone to watch on the big screen using a projector.

Bring bean bags or cushions for the kids if you like.

We will send more details of the movie and times soon. If you can help do some preparation in the kitchen before hand just come along a little earlier, many hands make light work and more fun!

Thanks and we hope to see you then!

The Ahuroa Hall Committee


Lost Dog – Martin Access Rd

Hi neighbours

Betty, our spoodle, has gone missing from Martin access Road. I let both our dogs out this morning and they usually turn up at a different doors straight away. Buddy our other dog turned up alone around lunch time. If you see her can you call me on 021654229? It’s very unusual for her to go walking on her own.


Fluffy black cat lost, Ahuroa Valley Rd

Hello folks can I please ask you to look out for ‘Vader’ who is about to have his 2nd night away from home,
Ahuroa Valley Road, he’s a fluffy shy black cat, who recently lost his collar, so our phone is 4225542 just in case you have news for us.
Chris and Madhurii