I had a visit yesterday afternoon from a young man, swarthy complexion, who I found wandering around by my front door. I went out to see who it was because the dog barked, he turned round and asked if I could fill his water bottle for him. Possibly an innocent request but if that was the case then surely he would have knocked on the door or called out, but he did neither. Anyway, rego of his ute is AZZ 279. I thought it was black but the police said they had that number as a green ute – it could have been a dirty green one. Anyway, it may be totally innocent but I know that there have been chainsaw thefts in the area recently so just putting it out there to be aware that the Christmas Shoppers may be starting early this year.

Whilst writing this post there was another suspicious sighting outside my property (on Wech Access) today around 2.20pm – some guy with bleached hair, stocky build, having a wee on the side of the road then appearing to check out the properties either side. This isn’t the place a normal person would stop on the side of the road. Again, may not be suspicious but I think it is. White car (looked a bit like a toyota corolla) rego MBD 804.

Andrew Barrell
Consultant Arborist
Director Tree3 Ltd