Rodney Neighbourhood Support has a request for help from our members to help people at the Static Water Sites around our District, each evening 6pm to 8pm until further notice.  

Our Coordinator has been asked to handle this Project.  If you can help please ring Margaret Faed our Coordinator on 0212583737 or email [email protected] – The Plan to set up a roster at each site.

The request has come from the Operations Manager, 

Auckland Emergency Management.

Below is the request: 

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We are currently in the process of rolling out water tanks (10,000 litres) to various areas of Auckland.

What we are needing from Neighborhood support members if possible is support to man these locations from 6pm till 8pm daily until further notice. This is to support those community members who are not physically able to turn taps or move containers.

They are in the following locations

Rodney area

  • Warkworth – Rodney – 2 Alnwick Street Warkworth 0910
  • Helensville – Rodney – 49 Commercial Road, Helensville
  • Wellsford – Rodney – 224 Rodney Street, Wellsford 0900
  • Kaukapakapa – Rodney – 947 Kaipara Coast Highway Kaukapakapa 0873
  • Leigh – Rodney – 4 Cumberland Street Leigh 0947
  • Kumeu-Huapai – Rodney – 35 Access Road Kumeu 0810

Rodney area should be ready to go by Saturday night 22nd February 2020

If you are able to help with this please can you let me know, I will have to arrange a process where I can ensure that all sites will have someone there during those times for the foreseeable future whilst these static sites are in operation.

Thanks and regards


Operations Manager – Auckland Emergency Management