The Puhoi Celtic Sessions (PCS) meets to play Celtic, mostly Scottish and Irish, folk music for enjoyment. Our meetings are not performances – just a circle of folk-music loving players and singers. 

We started the group in February 2016.

The PCS meets every fortnight in the Puhoi Village Cafe on Thursdays at 7.15pm till about 10.00pm. We have about 20 musicians in our group. There are accordionists, fiddlers, harpists, guitarists, bassists, mandolin players, flautists, pipers, concertina players, saxophonists, and whistle players in the group. We make an awesome sound! 

To help folks learn the material, we run a ‘Dropbox’ that contains the parts and sound files for all the pieces we do. 

At this point we’re looking for instrumentalists who can read music.

We encourage all people with a love of this music to join with us. If you do come along, you’ll receive a warm welcome. 

You can request to join our mailing list and get access to our Dropbox by emailing Alan Wagstaff. Don’t hesitate to ask if you want more information.


Alan Wagstaff
0274 836 023
[email protected]