Mail Chimp has recently changed their service, requiring all mailing list operators to update their software which has rendered our automatic website postings through to Mail Chimp inoperable. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work any more.

There are plenty of other ways of sorting this, and we’ve settled on a daily summary of all posts which have come in through the day, sent out as a collection, once a day, at 6pm.

This is the first of those new types of emails. – One of the major changes is that you’ll not see the post subjects in your email subject line any more (as each email might carry a number of posts in them). So you’ll just have to open or preview the email in order to read the headers / contents. (That shouldn’t be too much of an issue).

We will still operate urgent notices as required by individual send-outs, like neighbourhood support – urgent notices etc.

This change should also help to keep the number of individual emails which turn up in your mailbox down a little, hopefully you’ll all approve of that. I know I get too many emails every day!