As many of your will know, StrataNet is an active internet service provider in the Ahuroa area, and has been for a number of years. Prior to us being there, the only alternative was dial-up speeds on the copper network – which was a frustration for the local residents. Many of you have been in the area for quite some time and may well remember this, and when we first started providing our services to the Ahuroa region.

Back then, we brought speeds of 3-6 Mb/s, which for the time was considered to be very fast for a rural area. However, times change and we all know that by today’s standards this may not suffice for busy households where families are streaming video, downloading, making calls etc – all at the same time. This is why we’ve been working extremely hard over the last year to upgrade our infrastructure to support faster speeds in the area. This is a very time consuming  and costly process which has not been easy – we were expecting to roll out faster plans at the start of this year, but that turned out to be a little too optimistic.

It comes with great excitement to announce that we are now completing the final steps to provide faster speeds to the area – and by the end of July we will be able to offer 30 Mb/s plans to the Ahuroa region. This is five times what we currently have on offer! We’ve had a couple of people testing these plans since mid-last week, and we’ve been very happy with the results.

The difficulty has come in trying to keep our pricing competitive, and this is not easy as we have zero government or external funding – all the while trying to remain community focused. We’ve put a great deal of thought into our new plans, and we’ve come up a pricing structure that we hope can suit everyone. As of finalising the plans last week, we’re now ready to publicly announce these. While they are not available just yet, we decided we’d like to share what we will have on offer come late July:

Plan – Data (GB), Speed up to (download) – Price (monthly)

  • Turbo 10 – 10GB, 6Mb/s – $50
  • Turbo 30 – 30GB, 6Mb/s – $70
  • Nitro 10 – 10GB, 10Mb/s – $70
  • Nitro 30 – 30GB, 10Mb/s – $80
  • Nitro 50 – 50GB, 10Mb/s – $90
  • Nitro 100 – 100GB, 10Mb/s – $110
  • Nitro Max – Unlimited GB, 10Mb/s – $150
  • Ultra 30 – 30GB, 30Mb/s – $90
  • Ultra 50 – 50GB, 30Mb/s – $100
  • Ultra 100 – 100GB, 30Mb/s – $120
  • Ultra Max – Unlimited GB, 30Mb/s – $200

Prices listed above are inclusive of GST.

We will be removing our older 3 Mb/s and 1.5 Mb/s plans, with of course the new offer of 30 Mb/s. If you’re happy with your current plan and would like to keep it, then that won’t be a problem either.

We hope that this information comes as good news to you, and if you are not already a StrataNet customer then we’d love to chat with you to see if we can get service to your home. So feel free to give us a call on 0800 030 004, or email us at [email protected] with your home address and some basic contact details.

Kind regards,

The team at StrataNet.

Edit: here’s a nicely laid out comparison between old and new plans for those who were getting confused online saying that they’re charging more?…