Simon Wilson, a journalist from The Spinoff attended the community meeting held in Makarau Hall this last Sunday and has provided this well balanced and informative write-up on the meeting.

Guns vs roses: the new battle of the Kaipara

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There is a growing amount of local concern in the shooting club as it nears their opening date of the 1st July. The newly formed club is situated at the top of Tuhirangi Road, which is just under 600m from the closest section of Martin Access Rd and also in close proximity to properties on Makarau Road too. – It is obviously closest to neighbouring properties on Tuhirangi Road.

A local group “Keep the Peace in Makarau Valley Inc” has been established to coordinate a community effort in opposition to the development and operation of the club and have been fighting the issuance of a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ which was granted by the Auckland Regional Council last year. [email protected] – this is their email address if you would like to request further information from them.

The club, and opposition to it also featured recently on a TV2 show called Gutsfull – which is available on demand here:

The club has publicly stated; they aim to build a significant development with over 30+ ranges; including a 300m high powered rifle range, two other rifle ranges, and shotgun shooting facilities, operating 7 days a week, they currently intend to open to their members on the 1st July, with a formal opening, featuring MP, Paula Bennett on the 7th July.