A black and white cat has been found by Les and Monique Berger near 1257 Ahuroa road. The cat had been injured, it seemed likely that it was hit by a car perhaps a few days ago.

They have taken the cat to:
Julie Thompson, Animal Refuge
354 Kaipara Flats Road
Phone: 09 422 3322
Mobile: 027 431 4660
Email: julie@juliesanimalrefuge.nz



In another post, this may or may not be related….

For the last few days there has been a Little black and white cat by Ahuroa Valley Road corner, near the bridge, it has been in the same spot morning and evening and is looking increasingly more and more forlorn. Is this someone’s cat that just likes to hang out there or is it lost or been abandoned?

I would go rescue it but we have two large dogs that won’t be any good with a cat, so if someone could let me know if it’s their cat and it’s ok or could someone go and rescue it if it’s not, it looks pretty miserable.

021 176 8027