I reported pot holes over 4 weeks ago and nothing has been done about it yet. – Cars are driving on the wrong side of the road around blind corners to avoid them, this poses a real and present danger. Please re-grade the lower portion of Martin Access Rd as a priority.

It has been dry for only 2 days and the dust nuisance has started already. Is there anything that can be done (like returning to the different, coarser mix used in the grading which you changed from about 6 years ago – things have been progressively getting worse, and much much, more dusty since). Either that, or is there a bonding agent or dust preventer which you can add to the mix when you next grade it please?

All residents of Martin Access Rd collect our drinking water from the house roofs, we are concerned about the potential growing health problems that this creates as the amount of dust from the road continues to increase year on year.

This message has been copied to the Ahuroa Grapevine (ahuroa.nz) so that the local residents are aware of this being lodged with the council.


This was posted to AT using their report a problem page on their website: https://at.govt.nz/about-us/contact-us/report-a-problem/