Hi there,
I just submitted this message to Akld City Council: –

“AHUROA ROAD: There’s really bad rows of potholes on some corners that people try to drive around – exposing them to oncoming traffic. Same can be said for corrugations – they’re really bad on Ahuroa Hill. The answer is to seal the road as it’s no sooner graded than the potholes & corrugations are back within a few weeks.
If someone wants/needs to drive on the left hand side of the road – the corrugations & potholes just destroy your car’s suspension. Are the Council liable for damaged cars or head-on accidents due to avoiding potholes & corrugations? What do OSH have to say about this serious public hassard? There’s nothing wrong with the rates money the Ahuroa Road residents pay Council each year is there? So why is there a risk driving this road?”

To make a report you go to this link: –

Would it be an idea to broadcast this link & encourage others to submit photos & complaints?

Simon Straka