Hi everyone,

This goes out particularly to the residents of Komokoriki Hill Road & Poyner Road, but is relevant to everyone in our community.

Just to let you know that I have finally got so sick of the state of our road that i just made a complaint to Auckland Council and wondered if anyone else would like to add their voice? It is particularly bad where the single lane bridge crosses the creek at the Fire Station end of the road, so that even in a four wheel drive vehicle you risk your suspension every time you cross it. Which for all of us dropping off & picking up kids from school buses is several times per day.

The road was only regraded and potholes nominally ‘filled’ a few weeks ago, and it is already in a really bad state for early winter, and with a car rally expected along here in two weeks time.

I know we don’t stand a chance of getting any major action on our rural roads, but my suggestion is that they could at least concrete the area where the metal seal abuts the concrete edge of the bridge, which would be a more permanent and safer option than just refilling it with large stones every time the road is graded, which all disappear again within a few days, and we are back to the same or worse state as the holes continue to erode.

What does anyone else think?

You can make a case on-line by going to Auckland Council homepage, on www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz, clicking on “Do it now” on the right side of the page, then on the scroll down menues click on “Report it”, and then on “streetlights, footpaths or potholes”.