Hi There

The story about what happened to our Gates, told to us by the Warkworth Police.

A number of unusual items had been reported stolen, a Metal Sheep, a Dragon Tree in a pot, our Gates, and strangely…a large Easter Island Head! When this was brought up at the weekly Police briefing one of the Policemen remembered seeing a large Easter Island Head at a property in Snells Beach recently, so he went to check, and asked the woman who answered the door where she got the Easter Island Head from and the Dragon Tree in a pot that was in the entrance, at which point she promptly asked him to get a search warrant… which he did!
When the Police searched the property there was a large tent at the back, full of stolen property and.. funny… security cameras everywhere as they were worried someone would steal their hoard!
A lot had been placed on Trademe, including our Gates which had been sold, cut down in size, re-painted and placed proudly at the front of another property.
The good news is… the builder who bought them ( not realizing they were stolen ) will make us new ones… yay!!

The BEST part of this story …. the Easter Island Head was the ONE thing that wasn’t stolen… they had bought it!!

We do hope everyone receives their items back.

Thank you to the Warkworth Police

Kindest Regards Everyone.
Hubbard Family