Good Afternoon Community Response Group Members,

MetService have issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for the entire Auckland Region (excluding Great Barrier Island) between 6pm and 10pm this evening (Monday 16th May).

There is a moderate risk of Severe Thunderstorms moving in from the Tasman Sea during that time.

Our main concern is localised squalls (straight-line wind) with gusts of 90-110km/hr, and the potential for damaging tornadoes.

We also expect heavy rain 10-20 mm/hr, lightning, thunder and hail over the same period this evening.

If a Severe thunderstorm is identified on the radar (one which displays squall or tornado signature), MetService will issue a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

We will be advising the public to take appropriate action including securing outdoor equipment and furniture and If people see unusual weather activity that is not typical to head indoors and ensure your pets are kept safe inside.

Kind regards


Craig Bosson | Senior Emergency Management Advisor
Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Emergency Operations Unit – Community Resilience