Possums are our most invasive national pest and eat tons of vegetation every night. In some areas they have even eaten whole canopies of rata, totara, titoki, kowhai and kohekohe.

Possums compete with native birds for habitat and for food such as insects and berries. They also disturb nesting birds, eat their eggs and chicks and may impact on native land snails. Dairy and deer farmers have the added worry of possums spreading bovine tuberculosis.

We are a family business based in Kaipara Flats (Woodcocks) and would like to help you eradicate this invasive pest. We are Department of Conservation permitted to trap on conservation land, do not use poisons or firearms on your property and will not bring dogs onto your property. We may request that we bring a quad bike along if required. We practice humane methods and provide a report of control results.

This a free service to landowners and managers. We are particularly interested in land with forestry, stands of trees (native and exotic), poplars, willows and areas where bush or forestry meets pasture.

If you can help please contact Damian and Rachel Clayton on 4225187 (evenings is best) or call/text 021 2446346 (coverage can be patchy so text is good) and we can come and evaluate any infestation.