Hi everyone,

As you will know we have an association with the Neighbourhood Support NZ, Rodney District group. The grapevine acts as an informal conduit for information to and from the official NS group; who’s website is here: http://nsrodney.org.nz/contact-numbers/

We (at the Grapevine) don’t often have the spare time which is required to do our involvement justice in this group, and so our participation within their activities is somewhat lax. I think it is time we put out feelers to find a new local Neighbourhood Support coordinator, someone to liaise with the regional coordinators, and someone who might take on the job of organising some of the official events in our area.

Currently the NS group are promoting their ‘Neighbours Day, 2016’ – which is an opportunity for each group to plan a partly-cost-subsidised get together for the local NS groups. It’s happing across the country on the weekend of the 19th-20th March. Details are available here: http://neighboursday.org.nz/

If there is someone (or some people) who might want to stick their hand up and become the new, volunteer local NS coordinator then please reply to this email and we’ll handle the formal appointment and introduction to the regional coordinator. – You will receive support from us at the Grapevine with mail-outs for whatever you plan to do, and we’ll perhaps even put up a new section of the site for your activities, notices and advice sections.

Thanks in advance. – I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂


Your Grapevine Administrator.