Suspicious activity – West Coast Rd

Hi Everyone,

My son and partner have horses grazing on West Coast Road, twice this week a Black 4 wheel drive vehicle with a horse float on the back has been spotted parked below one of the paddocks where the three horses are grazing – on both occasions when they have been approached they have quickly put the back up on the float and taken off. It does appear at this stage to be suspicious – so just a friendly warning to let others be aware that they are in the area.

If it is all innocent then perhaps they could let us know.

Lynda Wright –

Suspicious activity – West Coast Rd

A man dressed in dark clothing carrying a large rifle was spotted walking eastbound along West Coast Rd tonight in the vicinity of 134 West Coast Rd at approximately 7:45pm

With the recent sets of attempted rustling and lamb thefts we’ve deemed it prudent to advise the police and to share this information with you all tonight. 

Please keep an eye out for anything suspicious and be sure to report anything to the police first, then share information through the grapevine by sending details to

To report something which is happening or a current concern simply call 111 and let dispatch decide how they want to handle your call.

If you think you know who this may have been can you let us know in order to remove the current concerns.

Suspicious looking stranger (~10am)

Admin: Apologies for the delayed post, there’s been only one of us actively monitoring the mailbox in recent months and so occasionally it takes me longer than I would like to get these posts out… —- The following email was sent into the Grapevine at 10:30am today..


Just letting people know that a male dressed in a black hoody and dark clothes wearing dark glasses and his face covered with a scarf was seen walking along West Coast Road this morning heading toward Warkworth about 2 km from the State Highway 16 end.

It was felt he looked suspicious but this maybe be the case but we thought everyone should know and be alert.

Pete & Ann