SPARK upgraded their cell coverage of the Ahuroa area today.

Spark went live with their cellular upgrade at the base of Woodcocks Hill today.

It is reported that a resident of Ahuroa Rd now has 4 of 5 bars of signal while on the Spark network.

A cellular speedtest tonight shows the following speeds (taken from that point on Ahuroa Road):

Test Date: 13/09/2016 9:25 PM
Download: 19.99 Mbps
Upload: 3.25 Mbps
Ping: 36 ms
Connection Type: Cellular

However, this is showing as only 3G, and not 4G coverge yet – which may be considered a little dissapointing. – We’re unsure if today’s state of the network is the final state or whether there might be further enhancements due.

As we get further, solid information through we’ll share it with you.

News: SPARK cell coverage about to improve.

Our thanks to Eli from Lothlorien for the following information.

A few weeks ago I asked Spark if and when they intend to provide cell coverage from the new tower on Woodcocks hill. I have finally heard back that ”…there are plans to upgrade next month….”
Next month being September.

Cheers & Kind Regards
Eli DeMeulemeester

Spark’s more detailed email back to Eli is included below:

From: Cecilia Reader
To: Eli DeMeulemeester 
RE: Cell network expansion/coverage
Hi Eli,
Good news, there are plans to upgrade next month, so fingers crossed that the new tower will provide the level of coverage you need!
There are 3 sectors on this tower which point in particular directions so customers in direct line of site to those sectors should experience good coverage.
Spark NZ