Lost puppies

Our 6month old puppies decided to go for a joy run early this morning after we let them outside. They are Dalmatian x Doberman and Dalmatian x Lab. They have electronic collars on with name tags Zeus and Hades. They are boisterous because they’re so young but completely harmless. We have been looking for them the whole morning.

Please contact Andrew or Carey on 092833543 if you have seen them or know where they might be.


Puppies – Free to good (forever) homes.

Our dog that we rescued has had a litter of 9 pups :). 4 have already been placed, but we still have 5 pups FREE to a good home.

They are totally gorgeous with completely different, interesting markings – refer attached pics, listing sex and which ones are still available. They are 7 weeks old, so available immediately.

If you are interested, please contact Trevor or Debbie on pryce266@gmail.com