Puhoi burglary

My house on the hill just before J tolhopf Rd ,container and out sheds were robbed. The gate chain and container locks were cut as well as a main entrance dead bolt door smashed. It happened between 7.pm Tues and 7am wed( Tues night) They used a vehicle “ ute or surf type” with large mud tyres and possibly had a trailer . They have taken a lot of personal stuff which they will possibly throw away as it will have no value to them as well as tools and valuable possessions etc . They backed down the side of the house and parked by the container as well as out by the road . If any one saw any vehicles looking suspicious or looked like they were moving house or loads of stuff , around Ahuroa rd through these times please contact me . They may of headed either to Puhoi or Ahuroa couldn’t tell.

Someone let our pet Ram out of his pen the day before and the steely boys may of given him the bash as he was covered in mud as if rolled around , I only hope Leroy broke their knee first. Leroy’s ok and back in Pen with treats.Regards

Paul M – tel: 422 0131

Those with lambs, beware.

This from the Kaukapakapa Facebook group:

Text from post:

Hey farmers,land owners in Kaukapakapa, surrounding areas

We live in Kaukapakapa, Stoney creek road. My neighbour and I have roughly 50/60 sheep, lambs between properties.Sometime Friday 12th or Saturday 13th August, some prick or pricks took lambs from our paddock which is near roadside. We were left with clean cut lamb heads.We also found lamb with left side of face torn off, but this looks 3 or 4 days old, so I’m unsure if this is connected. Concerning for me is they must have had a good look sometime,scoping the paddock as its very hilly,very wet, with gorse, blackberry not far from house and being a 5 acre paddock, you would need to know where you are going. One lamb had been bottle feed so sad for my kids to see just its head.

So keep an eye on neightbouring properties, been a Kaukapaian for long time, Im telling myself prick or pricks surely can’t live round here, but they new what they were doing for sure. If its you and you read this, come and see me we just chat,if you are hard up for cash, i will give you a whole sheep, i even get it butchered for you but you need to come and see me. Brandon

There have been a few sightings of suspicious activity involving a dark sedan scoping out lambs in a paddock on Martin Access Rd, it’s potentially related. 

So, please keep your eyes open and alert the police to any suspicious behavior you might see, then drop us a note so we can warn the neighborhood support groups.

Thanks. Stay safe. 


Suspicious car at Martin Access Road

Hi all

At about 00.30 this morning the dogs started to bark at a car that stopped next to our sheep paddock. The vehicle’s lights were off and I lightened them up with the spotlight after which they quickly started the car and sped off.

I couldn’t make out any number plate or make of car but it was a dark coloured sedan.

Be vigilant for these people trying to steal our sheep.

Barry and Ilze

Suspicious Events…

I would like to notify people living on Ahuroa Valley Road to be vigilant regarding any strange activities. We have had 3 unusual events first a car door found wide open on Saturday evening in our drive, second an open back porch door Sunday, and this morning we found a ripped wire for our electronic gate lock that happened Sunday evening. The police have been notified and will be taking fingerprints.


Rodney Neighbourhood Support and Police Newsletters

This is a joint post containing both the Rodney group’s newsletter, and a link to the current Police newsletter too: Click here for the Police’s March – PDF newsletter.


2nd April 2017 .  Issue:  24

Please forward to all your members and may be circulated on your local websites or Facebooks.
NOTE: CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS: rns.coordinator@gmail.com
Mahurangi Policing Centre, 1 Hamatana Road, Snells Beach
Mon-Fri  10am to 2 pm.


To our new members Kaukapakapa , Warkworth,Cowans Bay, Huapai, Waitoki, Topora, Kaipara Flats, Muriwai.


Our committee continue to work together as a team to ensure our organisation meets the Aims and Objectives of  our organisation. To help make our community a more caring and safe environment to live in.


THURSDAY 13th April 7am to 12 pm.

This is FREE and will be carried out in the Car Park opposite Millwater Shops on the 13th April 7am to 12 pm. Spread the word to all your contractor friends.


We welcome the new members of our Facebook Group. All members are invited to join our Rodney Neighbourhood Support Facebook Group. This group is for RNSI members only. When making a request to join please confirm by email your Group Membership and street you live in. We have 5000 members. Facebook ID to Margaret: rns.coordinator@gmail.com



I thank those who have let me know your membership. I have updated our data base. We are slowly delivering the Magazines across the area. Those who want it online I have attached a copy.  It is available on line and if your Group prefers the online version please advise me. Email: rns.coordinator@gmail.com, txt 0212583737 or ph. 094254662 and leave message. Name, Street and number of members.

Delivery: We have completed delivering in Whangaparaoa, north of Warkworth, Southhead. If  you know longer wish to keep of the Magazine please pass on to others.


  1. There has been a incident of a member of a family seeing a hand trying to open a window of their home.
  2. There has been email messages saying because of the weather your computer has faults. (It looked so professional). One member who was expecting a installer to come to set up their new computer.
    They opened the email. Realised what it was. The advice is to shut down the computer. Ask an expert for help. Luckily it ended well. BE AWARE IF IT DOES NOT LOOK RIGHT DO NOT OPEN.
  3. Another scam: a phone call stating from the Government saying you have been chosen to receive $6000.

The continued message is take care of your property. Lock your vehicles, remove easily removed valuables like outboard motors, fuel cans, electric garden tools, mowers etc and store in a safe place.. Be on the look- out if you see a group of young people moving from one street to the next and you feel they may cause a problem or if a party has people all out in the street causing mayhem.  Ring  111.



To report non – emergencies please ring the Crime Reporting Line.

CELL PHONE: *555    or anonymously   CRIME STOPPERS 0800 555 111


Helensville Police Station:  09 420 8967
Kumeu Police Station:  09 412 5293
Wellsford: 09 423 8228
Orewa: 09 426 4555
Whangaparaoa Police Station: 09 424 6500
Warkworth Police Station: 09 423 8228
Mahurangi Policing Centre:4256608 


I thank all those who were able to help their neighbours to cope with the past weather that in some places caused emergency situations.  Your Group is seen very important by the ACDEM organisation.  It is up to us and our local Emergency Response Groups to look after ourselves in any emergency. Unless  a declared Emergency.


It is important for yourselves and your Neighbours that you know each other in case of an unexpected emergency, ideally you should be part of a Group.

If you are not in a position to form a GROUP maybe a neighbour will.



Download the Red Cross Hazard App to your Cell Phone. (For help follow the directions below). and/or on your Computer:
Open: Auckland Council Website, Scroll to bottom left, Click on more….., Open Auckland Civil Defence, Click on Subscribe to Emergency Alerts. 

Note: I will continue to forward the information. Be aware ALERTS may come through when I am not in a position to forwarded it on.  Remember to listen to the radio, T.V. etc.



Take care to keep both yourselves and your property safe. If its easily picked up Lock it Away.

Margaret Faed
Rodney Neighbourhood Support Inc.
Phone:  0212583737 or 08009420111
Email:  rns.coordinator@gmail.com
Website: www.nsrodney.org.nz


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