Riding group rally this week

Hi Everyone

We’re planning to run another rally for our Riding Group this Wednesday 29th March at the usual time of 4:30-6:30pm.

It will be at the Bullocks farm at 247 Wech Access. Please let us know if you want to come and need to hire a horse or pony – contact Christine Bullock 094225598 or Jo Bullock 099733687.

If you are riding you need a riding helmet (we have a few spares) suitable pants and boots with a heel.

The rally costs​ $5 and horse or pony hire costs $10 on top.

Hope to see you there

Ahuroa Riding Group

Horse riding through Glen Ashton’s farm

Hi all horse riders

The weather has finally got better and the ground is much drier. You can now ride through the farm for your leisure … remember this land is a privately owned and my livelihood so here are the rules:

  • Do not ride onto Erik’s place (previously Greeves farm)
  • Stay on the tracks do not ride in the paddocks
  • Do not gallop as it rips up the grass
  • Leave open gates open, Re-shut gates that are closed
  • Make sure the gates are latched properly and the latch ring clipped over the staple
  • I have tightened most gates and you will probably need to dismount to open, most gates need to be lifted slightly to open the latch
  • Be careful on the grass verges there are posts in the grass
  • Do not bring vehicles or horse floats onto my property
  • Dogs are best left home unless they are very well controlled
  • Be careful it is remote and if you fall off and get hurt you may not be found for a while
  • Take a cellphone there is reception

Most of the above is common sense and most of you are very experienced riders but there has been a couple of accidents in the past.

I know most riders, if you are new to the area then introduce yourself to me.

Glen – glen.ashton@xtra.co.nz

Horses riding on land without permission.

We have recently noticed horse and dog tracks on our land . No-one has asked permission from us recently to enter our property.

Access would have been from the paper road track (Barker Road) opposite Tolhopf Road. The fence is broken there but there is a gate.

We are asking people to please seek the landowners permission at all times if you wish to enter private property. It is dangerous especially with our current pest control activities as well as discourteous and is essentially trespassing.

I am sure our sentiments are echoed by other landowners in the area.

Many thanks Jacques and Toni Uys – antoniauys@yahoo.com

Glen Ashton’s farm closed for Horse Riding (for the rest of Winter). – Thank you.

Hi all,

It is Glen Ashton here who has the farm at the end of Hawkens Road. Many of you ride, cycle, walk through my property and enjoy the peace, developing bush and scenic views and relatively safe environment compared to the local roads.

It is getting wet and muddy on my farm and I often graze the races during winter with various gates opened and closed. Can all horse riders please stop riding through until the spring (October).

Locals can still walk through:

  • Please remember to leave the gates as found, open or shut.
  • Do not let children swing on the gates.
  • Make sure the gates are latched properly otherwise the cattle will lick the gate open.