Two doe kids for sale.

Two doe kids for sale. Saanen x British Alpine. 1 week old – on bottles. From small domestic dairy herd. one is black adn white, the other cream with a darker stripe. Will make great pets and milkers. $50 each Ph. 4225595

We have some feral goats…

Hello grapevine readers,

Referring to the message by Andrew-Cranna Powell about feral goats;

I have a number of feral angora-type goats which range onto my property out of the bordering pine blocks, on komokoriki hill road, if anyone would like to either catch some or take some for the pot?

Andrew, if you manage to locate that mother & son duo they can have a go at catching some here as they are surprisingly unafraid of people.

Bev Trowbridge
021 307 900

Feral goat sales query

Hello Grapevine

We have an acquaintance who is trying to track down who he bought a couple of ex-feral goats from in the last few years. He says it was a mother and son who catch the goats in the bush, bottle feed them and then onsell them. Somewhere in the wider Puhoi area apparently.

The goats he bought were quite short and woolly and angora-like.

One of his goats died and they want to get a buddy for the remaining one who is lonely.

If anyone knows who this might be please email me at or txt/call 0275-67-66-99.

Andrew Cranna-Powell