Update on the cow found near Martin Access Rd


Last night a cow was found wandering on West Coast Rd, near Martin Access Rd. For safety it was moved into the yards near the junction. The owner has yet to be found.

The details on the ear tags:

Yellow tag number: #760
Left ear has a tear.

Here are some photos of the lovely girl…

If you think you might know who she belongs to, can you please help by making contact with them and asking if it’s theirs? It is not one of the Brady’s, or Nader’s.

Please collect if yours as we have a bull in our paddock and it looks like the heifer is in heat. Might create some problems with the bull.

Barry – 4225102

Found Dog – Mesha

We have a small dog turned up at our house on Komokoriki Hiil Rd. 

Has a collar with the name Mesha on it. Also a name and phone number. The number is not responding. 

Small and fluffy tan with dark hair overlay. 

Please phone on 4224024. 

Dog found – Mastiff on Martin Access Rd


Stella picked up a ‘stray wandering dog’ on Martin Access Rd today, a very friendly old girl who followed her home, downhill from around half way up… – She’s appears to be a Mastiff and a little on the large side for Stella to manage to lift her into the truck to drive her around.

No tags / collar, so going through formal channels to locate her owners will be hard, we’re hoping that someone recognises her.

If anyone knows who this might belong to can you please pass on their contact details to me? – We will tie her up and keep her safe in the meantime.


Chris – chris@wiltshire.net / 021624717

Found – Grey cat

We gained a cat last night and it may be yours…

A dark grey cat with white chest, paws and whiskers just appeared on our doorstep howling. Doesn’t look old and seems healthy, friendly and very keen to get inside given how cold it was last night.

We are on Ahuroa Road at the end of the tarseal on the Puhoi side.

Please get in contact if it’s yours or know who’s it might be.

Andrew Cranna-Powell