Flooding notices

Hi everyone,

With this horrid weather and the continuing rainy forecast there’s a solid chance of flooding today and for the rest of the week.

If any of our local roads become impassable could you please send me a note to ahuroagrapevine@gmail.com detailing what’s blocked and we’ll get a notice out promptly. Send us a photo if you can. 🙂

Thanks. Be safe. 



There is quite a bad slip on the unsealed hill heading down towards Puhoi – about half way down, the road is half covered with earth blocking the west bound lane.

If heading west, it is dangerous.

People need to be extra cautious.

All flooding appears to have subsided now. If you know of any lasting issues let us know.

This slip has been reported to Akl Council.

Thanks to Jeff and Alison for telling us about this one.

Regards, Chris.

Flooding update. 

West Coast Rd is definitely not passable. 

Makarau Rd is fine. Burnside into Wech is fine.

If you need to get to Martin Access Rd that’s how to get here. I didn’t explore to the east of Wech – sorry. 

If people want to send through updates I’ll pass them on. 



West Coast Rd is flooded.


SH16 north of West Coast Rd is flooded. West Coast Rd itself is flooded within the western most 2.5km making it currently impassable. 

High tide on the Kaipara is not until after 4pm so this could still get worse. 

Take care of heading home after dark! Water on the road /flooding is impossible to see at night.

Thanks. Chris.