StrataNet to Increase Internet Speeds

Hi everyone,

Whether you are an existing StrataNet customer or are considering joining our network, you will probably be interested to learn that we have faster plans coming soon!

We are going to be offering new “Ultra” wireless plans with speeds of up to 30 Mb/s download and 10 Mb/s upload. While we can’t yet give exact timeframes of when your area will be upgraded, we are going to start trials in the next few weeks. We’re hoping to have the upgrades rolled out network-wide by the end of this year – we will email you when this service becomes available to you.

Ideally, most of our customers will be able to receive our new Ultra plans once they go live, however in some cases your dish may need to be upgraded. We will have a better idea if your equipment needs upgrading at the conclusion of our trials – we’ll let you know if this is the case for your address.

We are also working hard to improve network reliability and consistency. A few pockets of areas have been experiencing slow-downs in peak times which will soon be resolved. We are currently rebuilding our network from the ground up, which will give us both greater capacity and reliability when the new network goes live.

For further updates, please check out our Facebook page ‘StrataNet NZ’ ( or our Twitter feed on @StrataNetNZ ( and we will endeavor to post our progress.

We thank you for your attention and we look forward to delivering you the next generation of wireless internet!

Kind regards, The team at StrataNet.
Richard Mahoney <>

Email: <> or call 0800 030 004 for more information.

SPARK upgraded their cell coverage of the Ahuroa area today.

Spark went live with their cellular upgrade at the base of Woodcocks Hill today.

It is reported that a resident of Ahuroa Rd now has 4 of 5 bars of signal while on the Spark network.

A cellular speedtest tonight shows the following speeds (taken from that point on Ahuroa Road):

Test Date: 13/09/2016 9:25 PM
Download: 19.99 Mbps
Upload: 3.25 Mbps
Ping: 36 ms
Connection Type: Cellular

However, this is showing as only 3G, and not 4G coverge yet – which may be considered a little dissapointing. – We’re unsure if today’s state of the network is the final state or whether there might be further enhancements due.

As we get further, solid information through we’ll share it with you.

Auckland Council Rural Broadband Survey

Kia Ora,

In December 2015 we sent you an invitation to complete a survey on Rural Broadband because many of you have told us that the access you have to broadband at home is simply not good enough. This is a concern, and something that we would like to help you address.

One of the big challenges is knowing where and what the problems are. That is why we have put together the short survey that is structured around your home broadband connection. The questions are designed to help us understand where and what the issues are that people living in rural Auckland experience.

This information will help us work with government and the telecommunications industry to help inform broadband solutions and network planning.

We encourage you to complete the survey and share the link below with your community.

Please use the contact details below to get in touch if you would like a hard copy.

The survey will stay open until Friday 4 March 2016, and should take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your help.

Thanks with appreciation,

Ngā mihi maioha,

Auckland Council | Chief Planning Office
Call Centre Phone: 09 301 0101
Auckland Council, Level 24, 135 Albert Street, Auckland 1010
Private Bag 92300, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

Visit our website: