Ahuroa Road – (and other potholed roads)

Merry Christmas,

As you all have seen yet again our roads are in a very poor state and need urgent attention. I am most concerned that there will be a serious incident in the near future as many drivers are using all the road to avoid potholes and corrugations. I ask that then when you have some time please log onto the AT website and submit a report.


Thank you, have a merry and safe Christmas.

Mike Conner

Update from Auckland Transport – Ahuroa Rd.

After complaining to Auckland Transport after the last closure of State Highway 1 and the subsequent detour that landed Ahuroa Road in chaos once again, I have received this update from Auckland Transport.

Thank you for your email regarding the use of Ahuroa Road as a State Highway Detour.

We have previously identified issues with traffic using this road as a short cut during State Highway closures and will be working with our Network Safety Team and Auckland Transport to mitigate the problem.

The current proposal is to install warning signs on Woodcocks Rd, in advance of the Ahuroa Rd intersection, advising motorists that that the road is unsuitable for State Highway Traffic.

I will also be raising the issue with our Traffic Management Team to discuss any other options for discouraging traffic from using this route during a closure.

I have suggested that any signage must be clear that no double trailer trucks be permitted at all, given the fact they cannot navigate the tight corners. I encourage anyone in the community who has an opinion or possible solution to the problem of the inevitable detour to get in touch with NZTA through their website www.nzta.govt.nz  as the more complaints and emails they get will lift the possibility of action. They have to respond within 10 days to every email.


Angela Phillips <angela@basecamp.kiwi>