Puhoi Village Market, Sunday

Puhoi Village Market, Sunday, 24th September, 9am to 1pm

Stalls with fresh local fruit and veges, eggs, honey, Puhoi coffee, cheese, nuts, fresh bread, chutneys and sauces, scones, samosa, deli foods, plants, craft stalls with jewellery, knitwear, natural soaps, face & body oils, flax weaveware and much more. Life music!

Support Local!
Any inquiries to Puhoi Village Market Team
0274 27 0440
email: puhoivillagemarket@gmail.com

Hammerhand or handy person required

I am needing an extra pair of hands ASAP to help install some windows and for various other building jobs on my site at Ahuroa Valley . Experience in carpentry would be a bonus but not necessary.

I would prefer someone local but if anyone knows of someone willing to travel here that would be great.
Part time or full time hours okay. Payment negotiable.

Call or email Liam
021 501 439

Flooding notices

Hi everyone,

With this horrid weather and the continuing rainy forecast there’s a solid chance of flooding today and for the rest of the week.

If any of our local roads become impassable could you please send me a note to ahuroagrapevine@gmail.com detailing what’s blocked and we’ll get a notice out promptly. Send us a photo if you can. 🙂

Thanks. Be safe. 


Roosters dropped off at entrance to Martin Access Road

Hello everyone

Just want to let the person know who dropped off all those roosters at the entrance to Martin Access Road you can now come and collect them again. If you didn’t want them in the first instance you should have sold them, not just drop them off at the road side. It is not fair to those animals. There are a lot of people that would come and collect your unwanted roosters. Just advertise on Trade Me.


Two doe kids for sale.

Two doe kids for sale. Saanen x British Alpine. 1 week old – on bottles. From small domestic dairy herd. one is black adn white, the other cream with a darker stripe. Will make great pets and milkers. $50 each Ph. 4225595

Suspicious activity – West Coast Rd

A man dressed in dark clothing carrying a large rifle was spotted walking eastbound along West Coast Rd tonight in the vicinity of 134 West Coast Rd at approximately 7:45pm

With the recent sets of attempted rustling and lamb thefts we’ve deemed it prudent to advise the police and to share this information with you all tonight. 

Please keep an eye out for anything suspicious and be sure to report anything to the police first, then share information through the grapevine by sending details to ahuroagrapevine@gmail.com

To report something which is happening or a current concern simply call 111 and let dispatch decide how they want to handle your call.

If you think you know who this may have been can you let us know in order to remove the current concerns.

Lonely lamb in Ahuroa Road paddock


I noticed a young lamb completely all by itself on Friday 18th in the afternoon and is still by itself today, Saturday.

It must be hungry and needing a feed as it approached my friend with his 2 dogs.

It is in the paddock that is opposite house number 1159 Ahuroa Road.

If you are, or know, the farmer of that lamb/paddock – recommend you collect and check on the little fella asap.

Thanks 😃 Julia Manuel – julia.manuel01@gmail.com

School house for rent.

Our fabulous little 3 bedroom school house will be available to rent after the 2nd of September. If you know an amazing family who would love to be a part of our wonderful school community please let them know.

Queries and applications to
Principal@ahuroa.school.nz or 09-4225898

Current rent $350 per week.

Those with lambs, beware.

This from the Kaukapakapa Facebook group:

Text from post:

Hey farmers,land owners in Kaukapakapa, surrounding areas

We live in Kaukapakapa, Stoney creek road. My neighbour and I have roughly 50/60 sheep, lambs between properties.Sometime Friday 12th or Saturday 13th August, some prick or pricks took lambs from our paddock which is near roadside. We were left with clean cut lamb heads.We also found lamb with left side of face torn off, but this looks 3 or 4 days old, so I’m unsure if this is connected. Concerning for me is they must have had a good look sometime,scoping the paddock as its very hilly,very wet, with gorse, blackberry not far from house and being a 5 acre paddock, you would need to know where you are going. One lamb had been bottle feed so sad for my kids to see just its head.

So keep an eye on neightbouring properties, been a Kaukapaian for long time, Im telling myself prick or pricks surely can’t live round here, but they new what they were doing for sure. If its you and you read this, come and see me we just chat,if you are hard up for cash, i will give you a whole sheep, i even get it butchered for you but you need to come and see me. Brandon

There have been a few sightings of suspicious activity involving a dark sedan scoping out lambs in a paddock on Martin Access Rd, it’s potentially related. 

So, please keep your eyes open and alert the police to any suspicious behavior you might see, then drop us a note so we can warn the neighborhood support groups.

Thanks. Stay safe.