Puhoi Village Market – Sun, 25 Feb

Puhoi Village Market, Sunday, 25th February, 9am to 1pm

We celebrate our 10th anniversary with exciting activities for young and old. Great live music with couple of bands playing, spot prices, fun activities for children (water slide, bouncy castle, etc.) and last but not least our yearly Tomato Competition!

Food stalls, fresh coffee, art & craft stalls, fresh local fruit and veges, eggs, honey, cheese, herbs and plant, clothes and much more. Don’t miss Daphne & Derryll’s divine ice cream.
Support Local!

Any inquiries to Puhoi Village Market 0274 27 0440
Next month market Sunday, 25th March 2018

Puhoi Playgroup

Come one come all. Ahuroa Playgroup is back for 2018. Looking for under 5 to come and play. Meet new people and make our Playgroup great.

Starting 7 February at 10 am until 12 at Ahuroa hall.

Hope to see you there. Any questions call Adrienne on 021735778

2018 long distance motorcycle riding and fundraiser for Aran Animal Rescue.

Our 2017 fundraising efforts were successful, the bike prep, fundraising, and 1600+km ride all went very well. It was a lot of fun. I seriously enjoyed what Jon and I achieved, so much so that we decided we’d do something similar in 2018.

Donate via Givealittle

In August 2017, there was the NI1600 (North Island 1600), which I had wanted to do, but it clashed with a trip to Rarotonga; the weather ended up being horrid too, so I wasn’t honestly bothered that I had to miss it. The next major event on the NZ Long Distance calendar is the TT2000, a 2000km in 48 hours event. It’s across both islands with start and finish options in both Ashhurst (North Island, near Palmerston North), and Christchurch (South Island). This is somewhat different from many other events in that it’s a rally, with points to collect from pre-specified checkpoints. All other  aspects of route planning are placed upon us, we have two whole days to complete the 2000kms required to be considered a finisher.

There are no prizes etc; it’s all for bragging rights. It’s held over the weekend, starting on Friday 23rd February.

As with all best made plans, work can get in the way. Unfortunately Jon has an existing work commitment on that day, so if I were to do this and not be alone, I needed to find another willing person to ride with.

Thankfully, Nigel Reardon expressed a degree of interest in last year’s ride, so I’ve asked him and he’s willing (if not entirely keen).

In planning this, we’ve considered several ride options and routes – we’re keen to attempt to combine the TT2000, with a couple of potential Iron Butt Association based riding certificates; another Saddle Sore (1600km), and perhaps a Bun Burner (the next level up from a SS – 1500 miles in 36 hrs ~2,414km).

So while the TT allows 48 hours to complete 2000km, we would be aiming to insert a longer ride, in a shorter time within the TT2000.

Our primary aim would be to finish the TT2000, with a secondary aim to complete a SS1600K within it, and possibly the BB1500. As with all LD ride planning the sensible thing to do is to plan it well, with properly established exit options and evaluation points etc; So, that’s what we’re currently doing.

Along side of this, one of the best motivational elements of last years ride was the $2000+ which we were able to help to fundraise for Aran Animal Rescue, which we hope to be able to repeat this next year. We set of goal of $1 per km across our 1600km last year, and we’re continuing with $1 per km this year, but across the planned 2,414km. Our goal is therefore set at $2,414 for Aran this year.

We were lucky enough last year to have a good number of followers watching our progress along the route using rider tracking and the Raah.co website – which we’ll be doing again this year. Our sponsorship page (paid directly through to Aran) is here: https://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/bun-burner-for-aran-animal-rescue – At the time of writing this I’ve yet to get my first sponsor, so if you’re feeling supportive, please feel free to jump in there and become my #1 donor for 2018! 🙂

I’ll use my website: http://www.wiltshire.net for updates on our riding efforts this year, you can subscribe to my wordpress blog (if you have a wordpress.com account), or keep an eye out on facebook, they will be cross-posted through my FB profile too.

Thanks for reading and taking an interest, send me a comment or questions. 🙂

Chris. – chris@wiltshire.net

Found – Goat

Hi Chris,

As per our phone conversation, Mark has found a stray goat running loose on his land in Hawkens Road, hes friendly and approachable but Mark is worried about him getting into the orchard.

Is it possible to please post this photo of the goat and Marks phone number 0211914504…

If you cant reach Mark my contact details are below…



m: 0210652576
p:  09 424 011
e: sarah@designzone.co.nz
w: www.designzone.co.nz







Training commences Friday 2 March 2018

PUHOI SPORTS CLUB is a family orientated sports and social club with the emphasis on family

participation, fun and encouraging good sportsmanship.

Update on wandering ram found at 620 West Coast Road

Unfortunately nobody has come forward to claim the ram that was found yesterday morning on West Coast Road. The ram was penned up last night and it managed to smash a wooden railing and escape in the wee hours of the night, luckily  I managed to secure it on the drive till this morning.
Taking into account it has no identification and to make sure the safety of road users and the ram itself were not compromised as we don’t have anywhere safe to contain it, the decision was made to phone Auckland Animal Management.
The ram has been taken to the Henderson animal shelter as it has the facilities to cater for its needs. If you or someone you know owns the ram you will need to contact this shelter:
09 836 7777
The reference number you will need to quote is: 8100143821
Sam- 4225000

Wandering ram

Please note the new address: ahuroagrapevine

Begin forwarded message:

From: lloyd wadsworth <lloydandsam>
Date: 29 January 2018 at 09:45:32 NZDT
To: Ahuroa Grapevine <AhuroaGrapevine>
Subject: Wandering ram

Loose Ram with no visible tags has found his way up our drive, we are at 620 West Coast. At the moment he is still in the drive but cannot guarantee he won’t jump over the post and rail into the road. We have ewes in the paddock and we don’t want him to jump in with them eitherSam & Lloyd