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Seed swap

Seed and plant swap on Saturday 15th September. From 10:30am. At Lothlorien Orchard cowshed, 1227 Ahuroa rd. Bring plants and seeds to swap if you have any, but not necessary. Come and swap info about our favorite subject, plants. Tea and coffee provided. No need to book, just show up, but if any more info needed, please phone Jo, 09 422 5855.

Ahuroa Community Playground

Who wants a Community Playground?

Ahuroa playgroup would like to make this happen.

Can you please take a moment to complete our little survey.

Just click on the below link.. If it doesn’t take you straight to the survey, then you may need to copy and paste the link into your web browser.

Ahuroa Community Playground Survey

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Alternatively –  If you have a smart phone or device, you can scan the below code which will take you directly to the survey link

Many thanks,

kind regards


Council proposing a shift to Rodney local board electoral boundaries.

Auckland council have put out a series of proposals which you have until the 11th Sept to provide feedback on.

Proposal three suggests moving the internal boundary of the local Rodney board elections for our local ward. It suggests shifting the Wellsford boundary southwards, to Makarau. This may impact you in some way so it could be worth reading and providing feedback on their proposed plan.

Ahuroa School AG Day

On Saturday 27th October we will have our annual AG Day.

ALL children in our community are welcome to share their animals with us on the day – you do not need to be enrolled at our school. We also have an Under 5 section, so all young farmers in training are welcome.

Students will be given their Animal Diaries this week, (if a community member not at our school would like a diary please contact Christine at the Office and will be starting to grow and build exhibits for the day.

Please remember that any farm animal that is being showcased on the day needs to be born after 1st July. We will have the usual array of animals, calves, goats, lambs, chickens, pig and caged pets. NO DOGS please (even cute little handbag ones!)

As in the past the day will have a showcase of animals/pets, a Young Farmer competition and some good old fashioned country games. Don’t forget the yummy treats on sale, and if you have some goods to sell there is always the Market Stalls to look forward to.

We look forward to seeing our community on AG Day.

For any further information please contact Christine at or 09-4225898

Kind regards

Michelle Nell, Principal, AHUROA SCHOOL

Ahuroa School Outdoor Classroom

Dear community, thanks to your amazing support we have nearly completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Outdoor Classroom. We feel truly blessed by the support that we have received from everyone so far.

We are now into the landscaping phase and still need a couple of items to complete our vision. If you have any of the following that you would be happy to donate to the school, please can you contact Christine at the Office on 09-4225898 or

Mulch– We need about 60m3 of mulch to get rid of the mud.

Large Hay Bales– Preferably, manky, and no good for feed, we would like to spread this out under the mulch to form a mat for the mulch to sit on.

Boulders – Yes, boulders, if anyone has some large boulders lying in their paddock, which we could use for our water feature, it would be fabulous to have, anything from soccer ball size to giant lotto ball sizeJ

Native Plants– We are only using native plants in our outdoor area so if you have anything we could use it would be wonderful. Sean Hilditch has kindly offered to help o-ordinate the planting process, and would love to have some Nikau, Ferns and larger specimen plants.

Planting Day: At this stage we are pencilling in the last Friday of the School Holidays (12thOctober) as Planting Day. Any help – young and old – would be appreciated! The school will provide some morning tea and pizza for lunch for all helpers.

Kind regards

Michelle Nell
M.Ed Leadership(Hons), B.Ed(Tchg), H.Dip Ed

Tel: 09 422 5898

Free old hay

We have 20-30 bales of 2017 hay, dry, stored on pallets.

You pick up from our shed West Coast road. No charge. Not mouldy but limited nutritional value. Good for animal bedding or mulch.
Also lots of clean used baler twine.

Text David 0274 772 943 or email

David Clee

Free Defibrillator and Basic First Aid training

Defibrillator and Basic First Aid training at the Puhoi Sports ClubSunday 26th August from 1-3!

This is a free event for the community and will be aimed at giving adults and children the knowledge to use a defibrillator like the one that was kindly funded by the Mike Pero Foundation and Ian Bateman (that is located on the outside wall of the Puhoi Pub) and basic first aide if ever needed!

Please spread the word to all locals 👍 please comment below if you plan on coming and we will look forward to seeing you all there

Thanks Amy

Water tanks

Hi Ahuroa,

I’ve started a new plastics business, unfortunately I’m no longer in the area but used to help with the grapevine and was part of the local fire brigade so would love your support if you are looking for a new 30,000 L water tank

We manufacture one of the strongest water tanks on the market with the highest standard shot weight and largest dome (making it the most self supporting on the market) our tanks have a 20 year warranty and are fully UV stabilized using NZ standard resins.

Our Delivery price to Rodney is $110 for one tank and $132 for two tanks please feel free to contact me on 09 390 2209 or visit our website


Vincent Frandsen

Chicks wanted for Ag Day

Does anyone have any Orpington, Rhode Island Red or Australorp chicks, or expect to have them hatch in the next week or so? They’re wanted for Ag Day so need to be less than two weeks old. If you can help please call 09 422 5822 or message me at