Another dog, found – West Coast Rd, towards SH16 end.

Another dog, found – West Coast Rd, towards SH16 end.


Marilyn has found a small female, black terrier cross wondering along West Coast Road, west of the old firestation, towards SH16. The dog is safe, it has been picked up, and is crated, it’s currently in Glorit.

If you know who’s this might be then please contact Marilyn by phone on 09-420 3022. – If you can’t get them by phone, then please leave a message and they’ll return your call later on this afternoon / early evening.

Marilyn will provide us with a photo later on this afternoon, and we’ll update the website, and facebook pages with a copy of the photo when we have it.

Thanks, regards,


Horse float required for 1/2 a day.

Has anyone got a horse float close by – Martin Access Road, Ahuroa, that I could use for 1/2 a day to pick up my new horse this weekend.

I will pay the going rate and give a bond to be held until return. Would be so grateful.

Karen 4224025 or 0211525896

Ahuroa School Feast, Fair and Fireworks – 2019 (Planning)

We need people passionate about their children and the local school
We’re looking for authentic ideas to include everyone in the community
We need people that are resilient and can persevere in order to achieve the schools targets
Above all we need people that are happy to explore all options, be open to discussion and then drive the passion on to our FAIR, FEAST AND FIREWORKS!


Yes, we are doing a feast again – and an amazing community event that will be a good afternoons entertainment for the whole family. There will be huge involvement of the children this time – its THEIR school after all.

The basic ideas are in place, the basic team already exists – we know what work needs to be done BUT we need YOUR help! We need new ideas! Nothing is too small, or too inadequate. Everyone has something to add, something to give – it does not need to be large amounts of money. An hour volunteering costs nothing but time and could go so far to help the school.

Of course we need prizes, money to pay for items that we need to hire and goods to sell, make up or use as part of something bigger for the fair. Anything at all would be helpful at this stage.

We’re hoping to do a laser light display rather than the fireworks, because of all the livestock in our community. Do you know of anyone, who knows someone who could do this, or who we could contact with regards to a laser light show? We’d love to hear from you for any help, suggestions, donations or new ideas.

With the Summer holidays coming up we aren’t going to plague for all sorts of things right now, but would ask that if you have any ideas, or items that you think could be useful for the school to use keep our fair in mind. The new school year will roll round so quickly and we will be full on into the school, its events, its work and of course the fair.

Plant the seed now and by January we may have some real plans to move forward with.

Ahuroa Primary School has always been a community school – its been around for generations and many many of the residents in Puhoi and Ahuroa and surrounds will have attended the school in their day. Lets give a little back to the school and make this fair the best one yet!

Past pupils – we’d love to hear from you and what you could offer 😊

For now we’d like to wish you all a Merry and Blessed Festive Season and a Happy New Year.

Please make contact with if you can help! – Thank you.

Kind regards

Michelle Nell
1349 Ahuroa Road
Ahuroa, RD 1
Warkworth 0981

Ahuroa Hall Christmas PotLuck Party 8th December

The Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee Christmas Pot Luck Party is on this Saturday 8th December.

We have a Christmas Tree already up in the Hall decorated by the kids Ahuroa school.

We are getting a visit from the Ahuroa Volunteer firestation Fire engine and Santa at 4:30pm!

We are cranking up the BBQ with free sausages and also free ice cream for the kids – and of course the obligatory lolly scramble too!

All you have to do is bring a named and wrapped present for any children you bring – to go under the tree for Santa to hand out. And perhaps bring a potluck salad or bread to share.  Make sure to bring some plates and cutlery too.
We are starting this end of year celebration around 3:30pm on Saturday 8th so make sure you come around (with or without kids) for a bit of fun and frivolity to get into the Christmas cheer!

Any questions? Ask Jo Bullock, or any of the Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee Members

See you there!

Ahuroa Hall Advisory Committee



Alpacas available

Interested in finally getting some alpacas to help keep your grass down? Due to serious overstocking we have a large selection of Alpacas available now.

We have some non breeding girls and some girls that we’d like to retire to good homes and in some cases we would let these girls go at no cost.

We have some pet quality boys that we will sell for the cost of having them desexed before sale only.

From there we have some unregistered breeding stock that will be priced to move quickly.

If you are interested in AANZ registered breeding stock we have 3 classes of girls for you to consider with varying prices.

We also have 3 quality stud males for sale if you’re looking to build your own breeding program. These boys have elite genetics and will be an absolute steal.

Additionally we have some elite champion males standing at stud, for any wishing to purchase girls and look to have them mated.

If you are interested please bear in mind that you must have at least 2 alpacas as they are a herd animal.

Please contact Chontelle on or 0211900356 if you’re interested, we are located on West Coast Road and can arrange for viewing.

Many thanks